Steampunk Holmes Bike

Having gained International success with the exposure of the Turbine Bat Car, and becoming one of the premier fantasy builders, Putsch Racing is proud to anounce we have been selected to build this signature vehicle. Based on the character Steampunk Holmes that was developed by author Richard Monson-Haefel.  Holmes’ bike is the epitome of the steampunk movement in design. The bike was designed by Mikky Solifague of Solifague Designs in Moscow, Russia. The lines, materials, and aestetic approach are far outside of those of the standard TV built, ‘Chopper’ arena for custom bikes, and is a perfect match for Putsch Racing. This should prove to be a great collaboration.

Putsch Racing will be building these on an order only basis, and plans to have them legal for the US roads.

See more info regarding the character, author, and designer at