The Omega Car


With a lifelong interest in industrial and automotive history, Casey Putsch saw a pattern in automotive manufacturing and culture that obscured beneficial alternate routes. It was a moment of clarity while researching experimental materials that led to the inspiration and drive to create The Omega Car. Putsch had the concept and felt compelled to create a vehicle that would be representative of that spark of inspiration and would be highly efficient, sustainably manufactured with less environmental impact, and result in vehicles for different uses flexible enough to utilize the time’s ideal power train. Having only drawn one early conceptual rendering, Putsch simulated the car’s functionality and manufacturing processes as well as designed the entire vehicle mentally. Normally this would be a problem, but Putsch was able to sculpt and build the prototype from the ground up completely by hand. Having been initially presented at one private hanger party event, the prototype and testing has been shelved while Putsch has been focused on building and leading the Genius Garage Educational Programs and is giving consideration to opening an automotive design program.
“As an auto restoration expert, Casey would only settle for the real deal…. Casey’s car is certainly making us green with envy” -Motor Authority