One of the rare Artist-Engineers, Casey Putsch is also a master craftsman and fabricator. With the ability to engineer and design mentally, Putsch rarely puts a design on paper and much of his artistry has been camouflaged under the skin of racing machines or in the restoration of antiques. Putsch is fluent in 2 and 3-dimensional artistic expression as well as the performing arts. He is especially talented with systems and structure engineering. Putsch works with a wide range of materials consisting of the conventional and exotic as well as experimental. He is experienced with powertrains from electric to internal combustion including turbine, reciprocating, and wankel. Putsch’s talent and dedication is clearly evident through the creation of incredible prototype and unique vehicles such as the Aristo-Cad motorcycle and the Omega Car.
“Seldom will you find someone like Casey who not only masters both the technical and artistic elements of a build, he puts all of his historic knowledge, factory-like practices, and above all else, he pours his soul into it.”  
-Flussig Magazine